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Scavenger Productions is proud to announce our newest addition to our ever versatile entertainment line-up!  We are pleased to introduce to you the newest form of live band/karaoke fun!! Have you ever thought about trying  your favorite K-tunes with a live band? Maybe you're afraid you'll forget the words though, or are just a little nervous about being on the spot with some of Toronto's most talented musicians.  The answer our friends is "JAMAOKE" brought to you only by Scavenger. The band provides a book with hundreds of lyrics sheets in which the band can perform live while you do the singing. This gives you the reassurance that you won't suffer from a stage fright mental block while also having the excitement of having a live band back YOU! The atmosphere is very relaxed and the night is guaranteed to move smoothly with Scavenger's organized style and sign-up lists with a first come first serve basis that also holds the Scavenger guarantee that everyone gets to get up! The lyrics book "Song List Page" gets passed around your venue, and as your patrons choose their songs, they simply pick their song from the "Song List Page", sign-up on the list and will be called up to the stage personally by our very own Donn Woods, "formerly of Honeymoon Suit" They will be given their lyrics page at the stage, and after they are done singing their song(s) they simply hand in their sheet(s) to Scavenger's other Jamaoke host "Norrah" which in turn go back into the book. In addition to our Jamaoke night, Scavenger is also into hosting their own Karaoke nights as well, using all the latest in Karaoke equipment. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we-Scavenger have also included into the night (budget permitting) our Videoke services!! That's right!! We will bring in our Super VHS camera system, and video tape your spot on stage for you and hand you your tape right there & then of your performance. We can edit date/time, fade in , fade out, and even add great music video effects right on the spot for no extra charge! The option is up to you, if you would like all these services, or just one or two, depending on your venue budget. Our prices are as reasonable as hiring any other band, but we guarantee to give you much, much more!