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INTRODUCING SCAVENGERS ALL-STAR BAND, a hybrid off-shoot of Scavenger the band.  We have been hosting numerous jams since 1989 at which time we hosted one of the earliest jams in Toronto at the old Gasworks on Yonge St.  Now with the new millennium here, we've fashioned the band to have a new concept about it. Hence the birth of "Scavenger's All-Star Band". Featuring along with Donn Woods formerly of Honeymoon Suite & Anvil, Norrah Wallachy - Jon & Laural Long - Sean Lafferty - Keith Penner - Gino Scarpelli from "Goddo" - Blaire Francey - Nick Patteson - Dan Wallek,Ron (Jake) Jacobs - Jake has had a distinguished career playing saxophone. He started to play professionally while living in Buffalo at clubs like the Bon-Ton and the Pine Grill, in the late 50's and early 60's. He has played with the likes of Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf, Lloyd Price. Returning to Canada in 1962, he joined David Clayton Thomas (later of Blood, Sweat & Tears.) Jake played with McKenna in Mainline can be heard on the Bump & Grind album. More recently Jake has also worked with Downchild, Otis Rush, Carey Bell and many others at the International Chicago Blues Festival. Now playing with Scavenger & Slidewinder his playing is as tight as ever....Just to mention a few. The change each week of the special guest allows for new fresh material & a constant change of at least 60% of the songs performed each week. This way people don't get tired of the same old songs over & over. People also look forward to see who will be the next special guest, so it builds anticipation & excitement for the weeks to come in the many flyers & posters that we do on a weekly basis. We also take care of the faxing of all the free listings in The Now & The Eye Magazines, where we list all upcoming engagements. We also list on the internet as Scavenger Productions and maintain an 28 page site of it's own, as well as listing on all Entertainment Tourist listings for the Toronto area!  So to hire Scavenger's All-Star Band, you get much, much more then a band.