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Norrah attended the Newtonbrook School of the Arts between 1985-1990.  She advanced herself ahead of the class in electronic keyboards, and started to self-educate herself in keyboard repairs & programming.  Norrah also uses her abilities on the computer to further her career by listing the band on the computer highway as well as do all the graphic artwork for SCAVENGER & SCAVENGER PRODUCTIONS.

     Norrah has also had experience as a booker, show producer / co-ordinator with the many Benefit concerts she & partner Donn Woods have produced from 1991-1995.  You can often find Norrah jamming with the likes of: Gino Scarpelli of GODDO, Phil X of TRIUMPH, ROBBIE ROX, LIBERTY SILVER ETC...

     Norrah is now currently playing the Nite-time Toronto circuit, having now joined forces with Donn Woods & SCAVENGER.  With SCAVENGER Norrah has hosted many jams around the greater Toronto area, and has also appeared with SCAVENGER on TV Talk shows, playing their original songs, & jamming with the special guest musicians.  She is also now working as A & R for Ozit Records in London England, and King of Rock & Roll Records in New York, New York.  She and Partner Donn Woods  will be opening a Toronto Based office to service both Record Companies.

     Norrah's playing skills tend to reflect a lot of the Jerry Lee Lewis style, tearing up & down the keyboards - showing no mercy for the weakened key! But Yet!, she can play you a soothing blues tune any time you please.  Showmanship & the skills of mixing & making new sounds with both analog & digitized equipment have definitely put this blue eyed beauty right in the spotlight!  Giving the band a 60-90's touch!